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Do you want to learn what to do to maintain health and sustain movement in your body?

Maintain your mobility
Decrease and manage pain
Manage stress and improve energy levels

Learn how to take control of your health, nurture and sustain your body through movement, food and breath in this 2 hr workshop with Osteopath Kate Tallarida.

You will learn how your gut and nervous system affect your health and mobility.  You will leave with knowledge and techniques that you can use immediately to nurture and sustain your body.  Using these practices over time will enable you to do more of what you love and spend less time, resources and energy patching up your health.

It includes tips, do’s and don’ts for a healthy gut and spine, a yoga practice that you can easily replicate at home to maintain mobility through your body and simple breathing techniques to help balance your nervous system. 

This is suitable for those who have an injury or a health condition that has so far prevented them from participating in a general yoga class.  No experience necessary

Date: Saturday 29th July

Time: 10am -12pm (2hrs)

Location: Wollongong Yoga Centre, 18 Kenny st Wollongong

Cost: $30

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Numbers are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment