Freedom Osteopathy Wollongong

Osteopath Wollongong New South Wales

Are you stiff, sore and stressed?

Scared about going to yoga in case you snap something?

Feeling older than you really are?

Welcome to Freedom Osteopathy Wollongong

​Become empowered to maintain your own health
​Improve your vitality and confidence to move
​Decrease pain and increase your mobility

Wollongong ​Osteopath and Yoga Practitioner Kate Tallarida uses hands on manual therapy and yoga to help you improve your health and enjoy what life has to offer. 

​She is committed to finding out WHY you are in pain.  Her comprehensive approach includes not only the muscles and joints, but also key but often overlooked areas in pain management such as the internal organs and nervous system.  This wholistic and gentle treatment is usually comfortable and effective for most people.

Osteopathy can provide relief from:
​Back pain
​Hip pain and sciatica
​Neck and shoulder pain

​For a more comprehensive list see What we treat  

​Clinical Yoga may assist with:                                  
Rehabilitation for injuries, pain and stiffness      
​Correct alignment in postures to prevent injury 

​ Personalised Home programs                                
​Calming the mind and reducing stress                 

Still unsure if this is for you?  Start with a​ FREE 15 minute OSTEOPATHIC AND YOGA ASSESSMENT to find out how I can help you.  This includes an Osteopathic assessment, a review of your alignment in key yoga postures and further recommendations.

​​Don't waste any more time.  Life's too short to feel old.

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